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Which is the most popular video format


Which is the most popular video format?

Today, there are lots of video formats available. Here discusses three popular file formats.


2.Windows Media Video (WMV)

3.Flash Video (FLV)


Format Comparison


AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved. The AVI format is very flexible because you have a choice of several different compressors to balance file size against quality. AVI files are not a good choice for distribution because file size is simply too large, even with compression. Both Windows Media and Flash Video are excellent alternatives when distributing video files.

How to convert swf to avi mac?


WMV provides good quality with extremely small file sizes. It is one of the most popular choices for video email, web video, and permanent storage on a PC.


Flash Video (FLV) has become the format of choice for web video applications. Created specifically to use with Adobe Flash in web applications, it was designed from the bottom up for streaming over the Internet. Flash Video is rarely used for non-streaming applications.

How to convert swf to flv mac?


And the best format to choose depends on the end purpose and audience of your movie.

Here is a quick guide:

It needs to include 'interactive' objects like buttons and 'click to continue' textboxes:

Then you'll need to export to Flash (SWF) or EXE formats. Only these formats are capable of interactivity. QuickTime, AVI and WMV are not interactive - they just contain movies.

How to convert swf to quicktime mac?


It will be embedded on a webpage

You'll need to export to QuickTime, WMV or Flash formats. All of these can be embedded in webpages.


It needs to play on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Flash is probably the best choice. If you only require Windows and Mac OS X, then Flash, MPEG4 and QuickTime are the best choices.


It needs to play back on mobile devices like an iPhone

MPEG4 format can be played back on iDevices and Android phones.


I need as small a file as I can get without reducing quality to an unacceptable level

There's no one format that will give the smallest file for all movies. If the movie is mainly of 'normal' applications like MS Office, EXE may give good results. If there is more motion in your movie, experiment with QuickTime and WMV. Exporting to AVI with codecs like XDiv and DivX can give good results, but these need to be installed on the PC that is playing the movie back also.


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